About us

About us



The SC TRANSTEX S.R.L. company was founded at 03.12.1991, as a partnership between S.C. SIBAC S.A. Sighisoara - Romanian legal entity - and Mr. Jurgen Knobel, German citizen, thus setting up a limited company with foreign participation.

In 1993, the company decided to increase its activity, by introducing production lines for shirts and blouses.

In 1994, the two partners agreed to transfer the premises - which belonged to S.C. SIBAC S.A. - to TRANSTEX S.R.L., as a contribution to its capital (increasing its capital accordingly). In order to maintain the 50/50 participation rate, Mr. Knobel contributed with equipment and cash.

In 1999, SIBAC S.A. secede from the company, and the place was taken by Iuliana Leonte and Ioan Schubert, so now S.C. TRANSTEX S.R.L. has three partners. These three partners represent also the leadership of the company.

Today we are the leading company in shirtmaking, not only in Romania

Company structure:

 Our company has implemented new production lines with 99% modern equipment: JUKI sewing machine and COVEMANT ironing board. 

We have orders from major European companies located in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Austria and Switzerland, based on long term contracts. These orders represent more than 90% of our production. In Romania we provide items for the private sector. 

We are in a process of continuous quality adjustment according to market requirements, the company's fundamental objective is the competitiveness of products and services we offer.